Literature Theme Parties and Playdates For kids of all ages. 

Indoors or outdoors.

Greek and Roman mythsFamous Musical Adaptations,  Shakespeare's plays, Children's literature, Historical biographies and other stories  come alive in your party. 

  • Our Teacher/Artists create a live show, dramatizing every story while         playing the characters and using original lines. 
  • They also engage the kids and create an interactive show where kids have fun with the different characters and props.
  • Music, Singing and Dance instruction, crafts, fun theater games, face painting all relating to the theme of the party.
  • A greatly entertaining and educational party for kids of all ages that creates special long term memories for all the participants.

Greek and Roman myths (ages 4 and up) Heroes, gods and mythical creatures come to center stage and tell their stories while playing with the kids.

Famous Musical adaptations (ages 4 and up) Frozen, Annie, Les Mis,  The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White, My Fair Lady and more. All musical adaptations are connected to the literature they were adapted from and involve dramatization of the story and performance of the most famous songs and culminating into sing-along.

Children Literature (ages 4 and up) Alice in Wonderland, Aesop's fables, The Little Prince ( St. Exupery), The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde), Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and many more.

Shakespeare themes (ages 5 and up)

Midsummer Night's DreamWe recreate the enchanted forest with the fairies and the comic events that happen in it while encouraging kids active participation. 

Romeo and JulietA fairy tale like love story atmosphere that transports us to Verona, Italy during the Renaissance complete with period music and dance fun.

The Tempest: A wizard, monsters and spirits create a fairy like tale in a fantasy island.

Biographies of inspirational historical figures (ages 5 and up) 

Choose from our long list your kids' favorite historical character and we will dramatize their lives and let kids know their most important accomplishments, in a live interactive show..

In the venue of your choice or in our venues (The Church Street School of Music and Arts, 74 Warren Street, Tribeca and other venues)

Intellectual Kids Club "All men by nature desire to learn"- Aristotle

Literature Theme Parties

    90-minute party or more.

  • 2  Teachers/  professional performers

  • Show preparations ( live show, decor, crafted costumes)

  • Theme related games, props and crafts, mask making, tattooing.

  • Appropriate songs, dance and improvisation techniques taught to  kids of all ages. 

  • Special character props and craft for the birthday child.  

  • Pizza and drinks for the children (optional) 

  • Paper Decorations, paper goods

           and balloons.(optional)