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our story and mission

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In a super competitive world like the one we live in there is always the need to succeed and prevail in everything we do. We want the same for our kids and even more so. As a parent myself I know this is true for me and every responsible parent in the world. It is an undisputed fact that the best education is the most significant asset our kids can possess but it is also the most difficult for parents to provide.

​​When I had my daughter I started thinking what education I wanted for her, so I began researching what is offered in public and private schools. I was not satisfied because I realized that important parts of Humanities were missing even in the high school grades. There is not enough or high quality literature and drama taught in schools in our days. Philosophy, Art history and music arts like opera are not taught at all. That fact affects students’ literary and writing experience, critical thinking and logic. Many kids go to college with very poor essay writing skills and very limited reading experience of the greatest writers and their masterpieces and no knowledge of the philosophies that shaped and still shape our civilization.

I, as many other parents I know, wanted and seriously could not wait to teach my daughter all the things I knew and valued. But she was just a toddler. I had too either suppress my wants or find a way. Thus, I let the grandparents tell the usual children stories and fairy tales and I concentrated on my educational background and interests.
​ I started narrating selected Shakespeare, Mythology, Greek Drama, Operas and Ballets to my little daughter early on in her life because I thought the stories were perfect for little kids. They were more exciting and colorful than fairy tales and the themes and morals were great for kids to learn. As she was getting older I started reading to her illustrated books of those stories and adding some of the original language too. Then I moved to classic world literature and philosophy. We role played a lot and had many fun activities that were used often to reinforce her memory. So, by 6 years old my daughter was well versed in Shakespeare, Greek and Roman myths, some Greek tragedies and comedies, Tolstoy’s, Chekhov’s and Kafka’s short stories and she was familiar with philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Aristo​tIe. In her writing and even speech she is using lines and expressions from literature and makes many mental associations. I was glad to see that she enjoyed them all more than the classic fairy tales and other popular kids’ stories. She was also happy to discuss with me ideas from the stories and question in philosophical terms citing famous philosophers. My efforts are paying off.

That is how the idea for Intellectual Kids Club was born.
The after-school education Intellectual Kids Club provides is meant to add and enrich kids education by accessing a new realm of knowledge for kids. We challenge what kids can learn and how. We teach kids the most important Classic literature, Drama, Philosophic thought and inquiry, Mythology, Classical Music Arts: Operas, Ballets, Art history, Biographies and more.
Kids can from early age learn the best stories ever written, listen to beautiful language and get to know great writing from appropriate excerpts. 
By adopting a more age appropriate language without compromising the writing or the story young kids too can understand all the stories and themes suitable for their psychosocial and intellectual development.
Kids listen and read the short stories in their entirety so they can benefit from the writing of the greatest masters of the genre. By adopting a more age appropriate language without compromising the writing or the story young kids too can understand all the stories and themes suitable for their psychosocial and intellectual development.

In Intellectual Kids Club we strive to provide a well-rounded education that will sharpen kids’ thinking and add knowledge, culture, self-worth and confidence. We also believe that the education we offer can help kids handle successfully any school work and any test because it is focusing on text comprehension, analysis, vocabulary, speech and writing.
Kids learn all that through totally interactive, entertaining and creative activities.
In Intellectual Kids Club we know that the right education is key to children’s intellectual development and it starts early. 
​We are also confident that we can achieve our mission to nurture life-long knowledge seekers and strong critical thinkers in all our students.

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