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Eve Blackwater began her career as an actress at age 7, when she accidentally wound up cast as the Cheshire Cat in a local production of Alice in Wonderland. She went on to graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and perform in many productions of Shakespeare in the Park. She has written and directed her own plays, starred in the cult horror movie Gothkill, and supplemented her income by teaching classical theater to children, and working as a fire-eater in a local circus.
Eve is a 
working singersongwriter and guitarist and co-created the musical collective Knife Thrower’s Assistance in 2012. Currently she performs in the bands Annacoustic Mind, Knife Thrower’s Assistance, and Eve and the Alligators.

A millennial that is avidly invested in the condition of the world, Fariso Jordan directs her creative talents towards telling stories that matter. She is an actress and playwright committed to engaging her feral inventiveness to create multisensory experiences that shift the spirits of her audience members.
Her latest work, Georgia, is a play about a young couple who revel in the complexities of love. Georgia premiered in NYC in March 2011. The show has embarked on a national tour to engage young audiences in relevant conversations. While originally from Texas, Fariso Jordan moved to NYC to study theatre-performance at Fordham University. Fariso is the founder and director of Setting the Stage, a college-prep program for underrepresented high school students interested in studying theatre. She also serves as an advocate for the developmentally disabled community. Fariso will continue to use her zeal for the arts as a tool for social advocacy. 

Charlotte Marcotte-Toaleholds International Baccalaureate Certification, an Honors BA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, and she is currently pursuing a graduate degree, also in Philosophy, from the New School. In addition, she has an enriched background in the performing arts, particularly music and the dramatic arts. Charlotte has experience teaching and lecturing those who are both young and old in a variety of settings, including academics, athletics, the arts, and philosophy. Her academic research has been presented at national and international conferences and in forthcoming publications.

Autumn Oftedal is from Yakima, WA and received her BFA in Dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. She is trained in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, as well as creative movement and choreography. Autumn has performed works choreographed and set by Robert Battle (Rush Hour), Corinna Befort (Cut Chalk), Deborah Wolf, Tonya Lockyer, and Patricia Lent (Merce Cunningham’s MinEvent: Enter, Roaratorio, Fabrications). After graduation Autumn traveled through Central Europe attending Impusltanz and Tans im August. This inspired her to move to NYC where the art scene is always bubbling. As a strong believer in movement being a part of children’s lives, Autumn has worked with non-profits, within schools, and with students in private lessons.She finds there is nothing more important than getting kids moving, whether it be to fuel a serious passion, or just for fun after a day long day of sitting and studying. People, children especially, benefit both physically and mentally from moving their bodies, and it gets the creative juices flowing, too. The goal and challenge is to inspire that lifestyle.Occasionally Autumn performs on the streets of NYC, bringing a mix of performance art and dance to the public. Autumn is currently a ballet instructor for ages three to 15, in addition to teaching beginners tap and creative movement.

Mary McConnell has appeared in many performances on the East coast including: The Lyrics of Dorothy Fields at The Kennedy Center (featured soloist), Pirates of Penzance (Washington Savoyards), Scenes from the Staten Island Ferrywith Sundog Theatre Company, A Christmas Carol (Belle/Martha) with Sundog Theatre Company. Verdi's Requiem in the Czech Republic conducted by Murry Sidlin. Other credits include Nine (Carla), You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (Sally), Antigone, Medea, Cabaret, Man of La Mancha, The Diary of Anne Frank, Animal Tales. Mary received her Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theatre from The Catholic University of America located in Washington, DC. Mary has also been teaching for the past 3 years for various public schools located in the New York City area.

Alison Wien holds a BFA in Drama from NYU, combining a liberal studies education with acting training at the Atlantic Theater Company and Stonestreet Film Studios.  Through NYU, she had the opportunity to study Shakespeare in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  Most recently, she was in the ensemble of Macbeth at the Park Avenue Armory, starring Kenneth Branagh.  Alison has experience teaching lessons in Shakespeare with The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Shakespeare LIVE! This included talkbacks after performances and “Speak the Speech” workshops at middle and high schools.  

Vana Siokou is the Founder and Director of Intellectual Kids Club. In College she majored in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Literature. After she completed her Masters in Political Science she decided to also study Drama in NYC Acting Schools, The Lee Strasberg Institute and the H.B Studio. Then she tried her luck in acting and in business for a few years until she became a mother. She enjoys literature, philosophy, theater, science, music, portrait and figure drawing, painting, operas, ballets, languages and many more.
Our talented team

Our highly trained actors and educators are all college graduates with diverse educational backgrounds and often hold degrees in two majors. Some also have graduate degrees.
All of them have developed their teaching skills having worked as academic, theater, music and dance teachers.

They are also professional performers, actors, musicians and singers. They all have a well-rounded education and often expertise in more than one field. They are also passionate about sharpening and expanding their pupils' knowledge and understanding, developing their skills and talents and promoting their self esteem. 


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