-My daughter is 5 and loves taking this class! The class offers unique content (we call it her "Shakespeare Class") and it is designed to be fun & engaging through acting,dancing and drawing.  She has already taught me about Midnight Summer Night's Dream, Greek mythology, and pictures of Vincent Van Gogh. I am impressed on how much she is learning and appreciate the great care, passion and tremendous effort the teachers put into this class. This class is a big hit for us and highly recommended!   -Tomomi Nakamura

Intellectual Kids Club "All men by nature desire to learn"- Aristotle

Inventing and creating the future

Inspiring curiosity and love of learning 

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while having great fun with friends

Sharpening natural skills and boosting confidence

Our method

We have developed our method in a way that benefits kids the most. We teach for a lifetime, so we care about the meaningful and substantial learning and not the superficial. Our method integrates all subjects with performing arts, visual arts, language arts, logic, text analysis, creative writing, history, geography and ...
Kids learn 
-The work of the best writers, philosophers, artists and scientists that shaped our civilization.
-The most important lines and quotes are ingrained into their every day speech.
-Develop the significant inquiry skills necessary for real learning and arrive at valid answers...

``Intellectual Kids Club is a uniquely multidisciplinary and wholly immersive program of high-quality enrichment using greatly entertaining and original methods to teach STEAM:Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Industrial Design, Math, Contemporary Art, Theater arts, World Literature, Philosophy, Politics and Leadership, Emotional health and more. Our classes integrate theater, visual arts, dramatic and experiential learning games, music, dance/physical movement, debate and language skills, social studies, hands-on activities and experiments and the latest creative technology.

         - Long-term learning through creative entertainment-