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Intellectual Kids Club "All men by nature desire to learn"- Aristotle


Quote search adventure
1. Who and in which play said ‘Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish”?
2. Who said “I love your majesty according to my bond no more no less”
3. What literature work starts with “Tell me O Muse of the man of many devices who have wandered full many ways after he had sacked the sacred citadel of Troy.”
4. Who yelled “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse”?
5. Who believed “Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination will take you  everywhere”?
​6. Who sings Der Hölle Rache“Here in my heart, Hell’s bitterness”?
7. In what play do we hear the line“Eros undefeated in battle”?
1. God Dionysus (Bacchus) said that to king Pentheus in Euripides The Bacchae.
2. Cordelia in Shakespeare’s play King Lear when she was asked how much she loves her father.
3. The Odyssey by Homer
​4. King Richard III from Shakespeare’s play Richard III.
5. Albert Einstein.
6. The Queen of the night from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.
7. In Euripides’ Antigone the Chorus speaks these lines.

Our programs are currently offered in New York City ​as in-your home private and semi-private lessons of small groups and group classes at convenient locations, organizations like the NYPL and many schools.

Private lessons: Especially designed lessons, personalized for each kid's personality and development.

Small groups in your home: You can host a small group with 2 to 6 kids in your home with your friends’ kids and receive a 10%-20% discount of our fees depending on the number of kids.

After School and Weekend programs at convenient locations: We offer small groups of kids so we can provide more individual attention and so kids have a more productive time.

​​Group Classes at locations 

We have divided the school year in two 18-week semesters
Fall Semester and Spring Semester
We have rolling admissions, ongoing registration and fees are prorated.


Little Intellectuals ages 5 to 7

Young kids learn a variety of works that excite and intrigue them. We concentrate on teaching them fun, and sweet stories to lay the foundation for more serious stories that will come in older ages.
Literature and Drama: Selected plays from Shakespeare, Greek and Roman Mythology, Homer, Aristophanes, Tolstoy, Cervantes, Wilde and more.
Philosophy: About Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Selected fairy tales, classic and modern children's literature for philosophic discussion.
Operas and Ballets: Selected Mozart’s operas and various ballets with little kid friendly stories and exciting music.
Young Intellectuals ages 8 to 12 and ages 13-17 

For the kids that have been familiar with our programs we choose stories according to their experience and degree of knowledge.
For the new kids in our programs we select stories and activities according to their development. Parents and older kids may make their own selections of subjects.
We teach all the masterpieces from Literature and Drama, Mythology, Philosophy and Inquiry, Operas and Ballets, Art History and Biographies.  

Choose your own classes or choose our proposed packages:

Homeschool package I:(3 sessions per week)
Shakespeare- Philosophy-Opera, Shakespeare-Greek Drama- Opera, Russian Literature-Ballets-Art History or any other combination you choose.
Homeschool Package II: (2 sessions per week)
Shakespeare-Philosophy, Greek Drama-Philosophy,Russian Literature-Western European Literature, Art History- European Literature or any other combination.