Contemporary Civil Engineering, New Technologies, Strange and inspiring Architecture and Environmentalism come together in this class. Build great structures with a variety of edible and non-edible, reusable and recycled materials while learning how to incorporate the science and the design to support them. Exciting anecdotal stories, fun physical and theater games as well as activities that illustrate architectural designs, engineering, math and geometry concepts entertain while they boost curiosity and learning.

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     Virtual Classes

         STEAMing Art: 
Play with the arts while learning science. Physics: Weather phenomena, Light, Food Science, Biology, Anatomy and much more and the great scientists who discovered them. Entertaining experiments and activities teach creatively. Many fun art projects and 3D crafts with everyday household items based on famous art and important contemporary artists whose work connects to the science we explore. Experiential learning movement games and other engaging multidisciplinary games are included in this creatively fun class.

​         Real FUN with MathTutoring  PreK-grade 8

Using our entertaining and relaxing methodology our enthusiastic tutors

ease up kids to math. Innovative, creative and imaginative tools promote learning

and make practicing math concepts fun. Our energetic and experienced math tutors 

also have a performing arts experience and are trained in the new technology of online

classes and every grade's math curriculum. 

We deliver:

-High quality tutoring especially tailored for virtual one-on-one
-Crystal clear explanations by experienced instructors
-Personalized teaching and continuous support 
-Entertaining tools to ease and seriously motivate students
-Enthusiastic and experienced math tutors with a performing arts training 
-Fun activities, practice worksheets and quizzes for building confidence and great results. 

Request a fun enthusiastic and experienced tutor for live one-on-one lessons. 

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