Intellectual Kids Club "All men by nature desire to learn"- Aristotle

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Our programs are designed for schools that want to offer their students exceptional extracurricular education that creates unique intellectual experiences and adds to their quality programs.

They are also designed for discerning parents who want to provide their kids a totally unique and advanced after school enrichment that adds in depth and in variety of knowledge and cultivates well rounded and confident individuals.

We offer classes during regular school hours that can be designed according to your school's curriculum , after school classes as well as Workshops for selected dates.​

- STEAM, World Literature, Drama, Philosophy, Visual Arts and Industrial Design classes are especially formulated for each group of elementary and middle school students.

-Our original methods reinforce literacy skills and analytical thinking,

-Our program expands the kids’ imaginations, sharpens their critical thinking,

 stimulates all their senses and promotes confidence and self-esteem.

-We teach kids how to learn, challenge what they can learn and create a hugely   entertaining outlet for their creativity. 

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