Intellectual Kids Club "All men by nature desire to learn"- Aristotle

summer programs

​You provide the space (indoors or outdoors) and we bring over our program. You can choose our camp curriculum or you can ask us to design a theme for you.

How it works: Do you want to occupy your kids with a complete, multidisciplinary and fun education in the safe environment of your home or space?  Reach out to your friends and acquaintances in your community who want to send their kids to a summer camp but prefer the comfort and safety of a familiar home rather than a bus ride to a location.
-You can host a small group of 3-6 kids for all or any of the weeks June 27th to August 26th. You will get a discount for your kid for each weekly camp you host.
(Please check the pricing page for more information).
-You can host as many weeks as you wish or each week we may rotate to other parents’ homes, so parents who want to host can get a chance too.
-Do not worry there will be no mess, no hassle. We clean and leave everything in the room the way you had them before.

Camp Themes and Literacy based camps for preschoolers

-Alice in Wonderland (ages 2-5 and 6-9): The classic children's literature story becomes a canvas for interpretive dance, creative movement and various entertaining games. Kids get to recreate the story through improvisation, role-play, movement games, art projects, props and a lot of music fun. By the end of the week they can perform a choreography which they helped create and produce a small show.

-Literature fun for kids (ages 3-5, 6-9) : A dramatized version of Greek Myths, Homer’s Odyssey, Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, The Little Prince and Oscar Wilde's children stories . Many games, activities, music, crafts and art projects will promote fun and learning.
-Contemporary dance and story making(ages 3-5, 6-9): Using children’s literature we recreate the stories through dance and music. Kids get to create the characters while learning to dance. They will also enjoy a dance with elements of ballet, modern, jazz and free style that it is improvised by them with the assistance of the teacher. Crafts, props and mask making assist kids to recreate the characters and the stories.

-Puppet and Mask musical workshop (ages 2-5 and 6-9)
: Kids watch dramatization of stories from children's literature (Pinocchio, the Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, and more) and learn how to create puppets, paper dolls and masks. Theater games, music and song making relevant to the stories will excite and promote creativity. Kids will also conceive, write and produce a short play for their own puppet show and with the help of our musician create their own song.
-Scavenger Hunt games (ages 3-5): In a pretend state of mind kids experience being in a place where they have to look for various items while they meet famous book characters, wizards, witches and funny monsters. A sunken ship in the bottom of the sea, an enchanted  forest, a toy factory, etc. The story depends on finding the objects, scrolls, animal and plant fossils, statuettes, etc. Improvisational games, role play, art projects, and famous art appreciation. 
-Creatures of the Sea World ( A STEAM class based on Marine Biology for ages 3-5, 6-8): learn about coral reefs, sea horses, star fish, dolphins, blue whales, sea turtles and more. Dramatized stories about sea creatures, crafts, art projects, music and sounds. Many games, like exciting under water games without being in the water and other activities will teach, entertain, excite and expand children's imagination and creativity.
-Ask How (A STEAM camp for ages 3-5, 6-10):  How do elephants communicate, how Dolphins make sounds, how space was created, how black holes work, how planes fly, how submarines stay underwater, and much more. Sound games, drama games, science activities, crafts and art projects (black hole craft, sinking submarine experiment etc.)
-Lego and World Architecture (A STEAM camp for ages 3-5 and 6-9): Kids learn the story of famous world monuments and their architectural styles and engineering concepts. They experience a dramatized story about them and they have fun building them with legos and creating their own stories. They also play our‘experience games’ where they can visit and walk through and around a monument and experience being there. Finally they get to create relevant crafts and art.

Preparation for School Camps (ages 3-5)
Entertaining Literacy based camp themes: 
-Stories and tales (ages 3-5):
Fables, Greek, Roman and Indian mythology, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Oscar Wilde’s and Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, The Little Prince and more. Our dramatization of the stories enriches imagination and creativity as well as teaching kids valuable lessons. Literacy skills are promoted by using alphabet songs, phonic sound games and stimulating writing activities. Music, Interpretive Dance, Creative Movement, Art projects, crafts: puppets and masks as well as role-play enhance learning.

-Our Natural World (ages 3-5): Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax and other environmental stories introduce kids to the natural world: the land, water, air, plants and animals. They also explore the rainforests and the animals who live there as well as the problem of endangerment of different species. The concepts of protecting the environment and not polluting, respecting all animals and their habitats and preserving all natural things are promoted. Theater games, imaginary reality, literacy activities in math (number sequence, introduction to addition, subtraction and shapes) and science. Music, creative movement, Art projects and crafts are used to promote comprehension and entertainment.